"Fool's haste is no speed". This saying has been the cornerstone of my approach to both art and teaching for a long time. I apply this idea in course design by balancing classical training and conceptual, critical thinking.


Firstly, I expect students to begin with mastering basic techniques, especially with technically challenging materials such as oil, pastel, watercolor. The science of art, including color theory, linear perspective, pictorial composition, spatial concepts and so on is very important and will be emphasized extensively in my course. I believe that science of art changes perception of art making from an amateur exercise into an professional process.


After the basic techniques have been accomplished, students can freely branch out into more creative and conceptual art work. As an Asian background artist, I always experience the collision of different cultures. So, I attempt to guide students to develop themselves without effect of my personal aesthetics bias. Instead, by encouraging each one to search for a distinctive individuality, I can best help my students to realize their full potential.


Beyond mere technique and diversity, I also pay much attention to the contents and reasons behind studentsí artworks. By opening discussion of studentsí work, they can realize how effectively their ideas have been conveyed, and how well they have understood their own intention. This discussion is also a very good opportunity for me to introduce broad ideas about art history, culture, politics etc to my students. I encourage students to understand that visual art practice is a part of a larger framework.


Different students, different art themes require different balance of above three aspects: some are more conceptual, some are more technical. I strive to achieve the balance in my teaching for every individual studentís requirement. According to my previous teaching experience, I believe that such balance is necessary for all students. It helps them establish solid foundations for their future art career.





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